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Relaxation for your eyes!

We all look forward to resting our minds and bodies. Heaven knows we all needed it. We wake up every morning, get dressed and head off to work for the day. After a long day’s work, we find our way home, have dinner and, if we’re lucky, we get the kids ready for bed and have a few minutes to relax until we fall asleep ourselves.

Much of the time, our relaxation consists of watching TV, reading a book or searching the web on our tablet or personal computer. Five days a week, or more, we go through this process. We deem it necessary to give ourselves Labor Day to all rest at once; but what about our eyes? When do our eyes get to rest? There is no Labor Day for our eyes. So here are a few tips to slip into your daily routine that will help you give your eyes the rest they deserve.

When we get busy with work, sometimes we forget to blink. Many of us tend to blink even less than normal when working on a computer. Dry eyes can be a result of prolonged computer use. Make a conscious effort to blink more often as blinking manufactures tears that dampen and refresh your eyes.

Close Your Eyes
Use relaxation exercises ease muscle tension in your eyes. Place your elbows, palms facing up, on your desk or kitchen table. Relax with your weight forward letting your head fall into your hands. Make sure your head is positioned with your hands covering your eyes with your forehead resting in your fingers. With your eyes covered, take a deep breath through your nose. Hold it for four to five seconds and exhale. Repeat this deep breathing for 15 to 30 seconds. Try to take time to close your eyes in this manner several times a day.

Improve Air Quality
Using a humidifier, lowering the thermostat and avoiding smoke are all ways to prevent the eyes from drying out, allowing the eyes to remain moist. Moisture replenishes the eyes and reduces the occurrence of fatigue.

Use Appropriate Eyewear
Lenses are generally fitted for reading print. It may be helpful for wearers of eyeglasses or contacts to make sure that their correction is right for computer work as well. Glasses or contact lenses designed specifically for computer work may be a worthwhile investment and go a long way toward making sure your eyes get the proper rest and support.

These few, simple recommendations can help you give your eyes the rest that they deserve.

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