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Flex Benefits: Use’em If You Got’em!

You may be asking, “What are Flex Benefits or what is a Flexible Spending Account?” A Flexible Spending Account, or FSA, is a savings plan offered by many employers in which you to set aside funds from your paycheck each week. That money is saved in an account held by your employer. These funds are available for you to use for medical expenses

There are two options for redemption when using the money saved in your FSA.

Option 1 – You receive a debit card that links directly to your FSA account for use when paying medical expenses.

Option 2 – Apply to be reimbursed from you FSA for the medical expenses you have incurred.

What may be the most important fact about Flexible Spending Accounts is, depending on the rules set by your employer, the benefits expire. This means that if you fail to use the money in your FSA by December 31, you lose it all. A lot of money  is forfeited every year. Don’t let this happen to you.

Yes. You can use your Flexible Spending Account to stop putting off that comprehensive eye exam that you need. You can also use that money to get new eyeglasses, a pair of prescription or non prescription sunglasses, or purchase an annual supply of contact lenses.

Schedule an appointment with Wink Eye Doctors today.  Don’t procrastinate. Remember,  in most cases, if you don’t use the money in your FSA before December 31, you’ll lose that money forever. And who has money to just throw away nowadays.

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